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September 15, 2016, marked the inaugural National Online Learning Day, which recognized the benefits of online learning and showcased the accomplishments of virtual students and teachers.

Kathryn Berkhimer, K12’s Director of Marketing and Content Strategy, was delighted with the success of the day.

“I was very pleased with how it turned out and I’m excited about what we can build on for next year,” she said.

K12 thrived on social media during National Online Learning Day; an initial review of social participation showed a reach of over 11 million users, including many new followers.

“I was impressed that LinkedIn picked it up; that was pretty cool,” Kathryn said. “Google for Education picked it up and they had 25 or so retweets, so we got a lot of reach out of this.”

Kathryn attributes K12’s success during National Online Learning Day to a combined effort from the K12 team, as well as external supporters.

“I think that it was a combination of the internal team coming together as well as gaining the external partners that supported the day,” she said. “People really believed in the cause and wanted to get behind it.”

After a successful first year, Kathryn is already looking forward to next year’s National Online Learning Day.

“I think this year was a good introduction to the day and really got people thinking,” she said. “Hopefully we can expand the reach next year with some more prominent players in the space. We hope to get high-profile interviews and more real-life stories.”

Check out some of our favorite tweets from the day!

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