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TXVA graduate Tiffany Connolly is well-equipped to begin her education at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Recent Texas Virtual Academy (TXVA) graduate Tiffany Connolly will begin her college career having completed 12 dual credit courses. That totals more than 50 college credits, enough to complete all of her general education requirements at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Tiffany transferred out of her brick and mortar school and enrolled in TXVA in 2009 for more opportunities to work to her full potential.

“Throughout middle and high school at TXVA, I have been academically challenged by the workload and curriculum,” Tiffany said. “Overall, my experience with virtual education has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding.”

In her dual enrollment classes, Tiffany was able to improve her writing skills and practice constructing argumentative texts, a skill that will no doubt help her in the future.

Tiffany has also benefitted from the organizational skills she learned from online schooling. Throughout her education at TXVA, Tiffany planned her daily schedule and ensured mastery of all concepts. K12 curriculum is mastery based; students have multiple attempts to master content before moving on.

“My experience with online schooling has improved both my independence and self-discipline,” Tiffany said. “I believe my focus and planning skills have really improved as a result.”

In addition to her dual enrollment classes, Tiffany participated in many extracurricular activities, some of which enhanced her passion for digital art. Tiffany, who became interested in art at the age of 16, has trained herself in computer editing programs and hopes to one day contribute to the pre-production of animated films. Some of Tiffany’s pieces can be seen below.

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