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GCA Salutatorian Kevin Abraham shows off his newly-awarded diploma at graduation on May 21st, 2016.

Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) student Kevin Abraham has always been ahead of the game when it comes to his studies. This held true for his graduation day, as GCA’s Salutatorian took the stage at age 15!

Kevin’s road to early graduation began when he skipped kindergarten, tested out of 7th grade math while in the 6th grade, and tested out of 11th grade math at the end of his 7th grade year. Kevin began online schooling at Michigan Virtual Charter Academy (MVCA).

When his family moved to Georgia, Kevin remained within the K12 family and began his schooling at GCA during the spring semester of 10th grade. This culminated in early graduation for Kevin, one of GCA’s 701 graduating seniors in 2016.

Such an extraordinary high school experience required extraordinary teachers and administrators to make it all happen. Kevin notes that his teachers were always ready to help, both inside and outside of their areas of academic expertise. The counselors were constantly willing to lend a hand, as well.

“Since I was not taking a traditional route through high school, the counselors, especially Mr. Tim Melvin, were very helpful in getting the details worked out in time for graduation,” Kevin said.

Additionally, the structure of online schooling helped Kevin. “The one thing I enjoyed most about Georgia Cyber Academy, and online schooling in general, is the flexibility,” Kevin said.

Such flexibility allowed Kevin to pursue an accelerated academic path and to take dual enrollment classes at a local college. It also allowed Kevin to visit his grandparents in India while simultaneously attending school.

Kevin, who has been taking mainly dual enrollment classes for the past two years, says GCA provided him with a solid learning foundation. Kevin already knew much of the college material being taught in his first year of dual enrollment from his lessons with GCA!

“I feel the curriculum prepared me for a college education extremely well,” Kevin said.

Kevin will attend Georgia Institute of Technology in the fall to pursue a major in Computer Engineering.

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