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GCA student Mathew Spellman shows off his robotics collection

While some kids want nothing to do with intellectual pursuits during the summer months, Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) 9th grader Mathew Spellman will head to robotics camp for a week at Lake Superior State University.

“Mathew is very excited to get hands-on experience with real-life robotics in research and development,” Rose Mary Spellman, Mathew’s mother, said. He will work on small group projects in the robotics lab at Lake Superior State University with professors and graduate students there.

GCA has provided Mathew many opportunities to expand his interests, both with his direct schooling and with his extracurricular activities. Mathew, who began with GCA in the 6th grade and is now a rising 9th grader, is able to collaborate with other students who share his passion as a member of the school’s robotics club.

In 7th grade, Mathew applied his robotics knowledge to a real-world problem during a school science project. After seeing his own grandmother occasionally struggle to pick up certain items from the ground, Mathew designed and programmed a robot to help disabled persons to complete this task. Mathew put his robot to the test by having it pick up a pencil, a bottle cap, and a ball of yarn.

Mathew has completed electronics and robotics merit badges with Boy Scouts of America, and is working towards Eagle Scout status. He is also the proud owner of a collection of robots, a robotic arm, and a hover raft.

As a life-long robotics lover, Mathew is excited to join an electronics and/or robotics club as he transitions to GCA high school in the upcoming academic year.

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