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Students from 21 States Awarded Post-Secondary Scholarships after Leveraging Digital Learning

Abigail Short at the FBOL Gala

Written by Jenna Needham

Abigail Short has dreamed of attending medical school since she was very young. Born prematurely, she needed the help of many nurturing neonatal intensive care doctors and nurses. They gave her outstanding care, which made it possible for Abigail to live a quality life.

“After that, I always wanted to help people the same way those nurses and doctors helped me,” Abigail said. Abigail is one of 31 students receiving a scholarship from The Foundation of Blended and Online Learning (FBOL), whose mission is to advance and improve the availability and quality of blended and online educational opportunities and to empower students through personalized learning.

Abigail accepted her scholarship at the FBOL Student Scholarship Gala on Thursday evening at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

A librarian recommended Abigail apply for the scholarship, awarded to students who demonstrated the ability to embrace technology in the classroom to improve their educational experiences, both academically and personally.

“It’s like this scholarship was meant just for her,” said Randy Short, Abigail’s father. “She had been engaging in online courses for so long already that it was just a perfect fit.”

Although Abigail didn’t attend a K12-powered school, she still experienced the benefits of online education. She attended Hurricane High School in Hurricane, West Virginia, a brick and mortar school offering online Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Abigail took six of her 16 AP courses online and was able to learn at her own pace. She scored well enough on the AP tests to receive college credits. Realizing the benefits, Abigail decided to participate in her high school’s dual enrollment program and took three college classes online. She will enter Marshall University this fall with 72 college credits, which makes her plan to get a BS/MD in Marshall’s accelerated medical school program that much easier. This flexibility also offers Abigail the opportunity to run on Marshall’s cross country and track & field team.

The FBOL scholarship will make it possible for Abigail to reach her goals. The scholarship, along with the 72 college credits she already has under her belt, will relieve a lot of the financial burden that often accompanies attending college. Abigail’s story is a true testament to the power of personalized learning!

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