Here’s to the Heroes, The Teachers Who Devote Themselves to Shaping Our Lives

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This week, as America pauses to honor one of its most cherished group of professionals and celebrate their formidable accomplishments in the classroom and beyond; I am reminded of how important and instrumental our teachers truly are.  Just like so many successful leaders, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, world-class doctors and scientists, we are who we are because of the impact of many fantastic teachers during our childhood and young adult lives.

For me personally, as I navigated through elementary and high school and went on to pursue studies in engineering and eventually business, I was challenged, motivated and inspired every step of the way by remarkably dedicated educators who devoted their lives to mentoring and shaping mine.  Everyone remembers those teachers who will always stick in our hearts and minds. My best teachers were my role models - intelligent, compassionate, and engaging professionals who pushed me to do my very best and whom I admired and deeply respected (sometimes only later in life once I understood the relevance of their message). Like they did for countless students, year after year, the best teachers gave me their wisdom, their energy, their time -- but perhaps most importantly -- they taught me self-respect, gave me confidence and convinced me that through hard work, dedication, and passion I could accomplish any and every thing I ever wanted.

Each and every day, the teachers at K12 and our partner schools are becoming those same role models and making a difference for thousands of children across this country by giving them a chance at a quality education.  Thank you all for giving us goals to shoot for and for being an inspiration to so many. We owe you more than we could ever repay and we are incredibly thankful for your service and dedication.

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher
-Japanese Proverb


Nate Davis
K12 Chairman and CEO