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K12’s Talent Development and Community team (formerly known as Lead360) is committed to developing effective leadership at K12’s partner schools. To maximize K12’s mission of helping students unlock their full potential, K12 has implemented a multitude of innovative programs catered toward the growth and drive of current and future school leaders. Learn how K12 is enhancing its school leaders throughout the 2018-19 school year through the Launch and Grow Emerging Leaders programs:

Launch Boot Camp

Launch Boot Camp is a two-day face-to-face orientation designed to prepare new heads of school, academic administrators for the rigors of leading a K12-managed school and instill essential leadership skills needed for their new role as a school leader. The Launch induction experience is comprised of four components aimed to build and sustain leadership effectiveness for K12’s primary school leaders: onboarding, coaching and mentoring support, peer collaboration, and targeted in-year professional development.

New school leaders travel to K12’s headquarters in Herndon, Virginia to network with other K12 employees, learn how to navigate their new role, and connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges faced by new leaders starting a new role.

Participants left boot camp feeling empowered to bring back their newfound knowledge to their schools. “Leaders need support, too,” said Yvonne Ceynow, academic administrator for the three K12-powered Nevada White Pine schools. “The boot camp experience made me proud to be a part of an organization that understands that.”

Grow Emerging Leaders Program

The Grow Emerging Leaders Program is dedicated to building and developing high-potential  employees to matriculate into school leadership positions within K12s network of managed public schools. There are two cohorts of school leaders within the program; one group is aspiring to move into HOS roles and the other is aspiring to become administrators.  There are currently 12 current school leaders with aspirations to become future heads of school and 50 teacher leaders aspiring to move into administrator roles.

Banji Judge, blended learning principal at Arizona Virtual Academy and Insight Academy of Arizona, believes her experience in the program has been of immense benefit to her growth.  “Being chosen as a ‘Hi-Po’ (High Potential), to learn about the world of becoming a Head of School makes me feel valuable and inspired,” she said.  “The fact that K12, a front-runner corporation in online education, wants to grow me makes me want to grow 1,000 times more.  The sessions are fascinating and humbling because we learn the vastness of the world outside of our day-to-day duties.  I feel like I am stretched and growing in the best ways.”

Brandi Maynard, senior manager of professional development and training at K12, designed, developed, and executed K12’s first Grow Emerging Leader program in 2017.  The program is a combination of high value face to face and virtual learning opportunities, thoughtful mentor support, performance coaching, purposeful accountability partnerships, and job embedded performance-based experiences.  The talent development experience this program provides is imperative to offering high potential employees something to strive for in order to flourish in their career.

A unique aspect of the Grow Emerging Leaders Program is the implementation of an accountability partnership component. Participants share what they want in an accountability partner and they are purposefully paired with others who want the same thing.  Partners call each other regularly to provide encouragement, motivation, and an added layer of accountability toward their professional development goals. “Iron sharpens iron and our emerging leaders are building lasting relationships that support them in reaching their professional goals.  More importantly, they are aligning with intellectual peers across the company who share a deep desire to get better.  When pockets of people within K12 are getting better, it inspires greatness in everyone.” Brandi said.

Idaho Virtual Academy student support administrator Alex Zamora said he is expanding his personal learning through the Grow Emerging Leaders Program, while reflecting and growing professionally. “The Grow Emerging Leaders Program offers a multifaceted training opportunity,” he said. “Not only am I learning about key elements vital for a future Head of School, the training and tasks associated with this program also have practical applications today.


Check out photos of Launch and Grow Emerging Leader participants:

Academic Administrators at K12 Headquarters

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