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April 25 was Bring Your Child to Work Day, and more than 120 children of K12 employees were at our Herndon headquarters for a fun-filled day of limitless learning – and a lot of laughs!

Nate Davis, K12’s CEO and Chairman, and Val Maddy, Senior Vice President of Human Resources gave a warm welcome to all our guests, and students spent the day with volunteers from across the company on a variety of fun and educational activities. Students designed their own “brand” logos, constructed model helicopters, made necklaces out of “binary code” beads, and worked in groups to construct toys and terrariums.

From coding to marketing, to science and manufacturing, it may have been a day off from school, but learning is always happening at K12!

A special thanks to the more than 30 volunteers who made the day a success, and especially:

 — The Destinations Career Academy team, for working with our high school students

— Rebecca Craig from K12 partner Tallo, for traveling from South Carolina to present to the middle and high school students, and help them create their own page on the platform

— The User Experience and Big Universe product development teams for their afternoon events

— Members of the marketing team for their afternoon photo shoot

— Kim Medina, Kiersten Montgomery and the full HR team for coordinating this incredible day!

Belinda Haagsma, Sr. Director of HR, joins in a game of Simon Says!

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Emily Riordan joined Stride as Senior Manager, Corporate Communications in July 2017. Prior to joining the team, Emily was a founding staff member at the U.S. Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools, working with school stakeholders across the country to advocate for healthy, safe and sustainable schools. Emily has also worked with the District of Columbia charter school movement, assisting with charter applications, development and advocacy efforts. Originally from a small town in Massachusetts, Emily has lived in the DC area for half her life, having earned her bachelor’s degree in English at the George Washington University in 2004.

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