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How GCA Helped These Siblings Discover Their Passions

Candy, Shaine, Cayce, and Jace Freeman.

Written by Jenna Needham

Candice Freeman and her husband Shaine knew that they needed alternative school options when their two children were only 3 and 4 years old.

“We moved to an area where the only good options for school were either private school or homeschool. The public schools in our district didn’t work, so I knew I wanted to get them started with something different,” said Candice. “Jace was also a bit advanced for his age, so I wanted to make sure that he could get ahead if he wanted to.”

The Freemans enrolled their children into Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) when they were each in kindergarten. Candice noted the easy transition for the whole family and said she appreciated the rigorous curriculum.

Jace, who is now in fifth grade, has been able to advance to a sixth-grade language arts class this year. When Cayce, who is in fourth grade, had a bit of a hiccup with her schoolwork and needed some extra help, her teachers were eager to help and give her extra practice work so she could improve. Now, she is doing so well that she is likely to advance to sixth-grade language arts next year, just like her big brother! The Freemans believe that GCA has already put their children on the right track for college.

Cayce and Jace love the Class Connect sessions and interacting with their teachers.

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GCA Student Bethany Lemonds’ Amazing High School Ride Comes to a Close


GCA student Bethany Lemonds shows off her riding skills

For Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) student and “cowgirl” Bethany Lemonds, this spring brought not one, but two separate graduations. Bethany graduated Summa Cum Laude from GCA, two weeks after she received her Associate Degree from the Newton Campus of Georgia State University’s Perimeter College.

“Participating in two graduations was an amazing opportunity,” Bethany said. “It was such a time of accomplishment.”

Bethany, who joked that she technically graduated college before graduating high school, was extremely involved in her GCA graduation. She introduced the commencement speaker, Georgia Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, and she also accepted the AJC Cup Award, an honor presented to high school students who show excellence in leadership, academics, and community involvement.

After the 6th grade, Bethany began online schooling and worked tirelessly to maintain a 3.5 GPA. While Bethany said her workload was larger at GCA than in her original “less-than-ideal public school situation,” she found that the increased schedule flexibility ultimately gave her more time.

“My experience with GCA was nothing less than wonderful,” Bethany said. “It opened doors I didn’t even know were there.”

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For This Well Traveled WYVA Student, the World is his Classroom

WYVA student Raphel Tucker at Cinque Terre, Italy

Written by Jenna Needham

Being in a military family means that there is a possibility that your family will have to frequently move. What people don’t realize is that the children of these families often have trouble maintaining a stable education. This was the case for Raphel Tucker before joining Wyoming Virtual Academy (WYVA).

After living in Japan for the first seven years of his life, Raphel's father, who is a master sergeant in the Air Force, was re-stationed to Wyoming. After starting 2nd grade at his new brick and mortar school, his teachers quickly noticed that Raphel was too advanced for 2nd grade and wanted to move him to the 4th grade at only 7 years old.

“We didn't want to do that to him. We recently moved from another Air Force base and he was just getting adjusted to his new classroom, but we also didn't want him to be bored in school and not challenged enough,” said Raphel’s mother, Tina.

This situation made Tina look into other schooling options that may better suit Raphel. Together, they thoroughly researched alternative schools and found that WYVA could be the perfect fit. They applied and enrolled as soon as they could and he has been there ever since.

“Raphel can work at an advanced pace and is constantly stimulated and learning. There are many classes for him to choose from including AP and honors courses. He pretty much can take as many classes and electives as he can handle,” Tina explained. “Even though he has Class Connect lectures he attends with multiple students, he benefits from the one-on-one attention from his teachers, as well as from teacher office hours for further guidance if need be.”

When Raphel’s father began getting stationed around the world again, WYVA was there to provide an educational option that was the best fit for the family. In 2011, his family moved to Aviano, Italy, where they are currently stationed, and Raphel was able to make the transcontinental move without interfering with his education.

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Watch the Olympics? You Probably Noticed this iCAD Student



iCademy student Eric Beigel.


Written by Jenna Needham


Does this boy’s face seem familiar? If so, it’s probably because you noticed Eric Beigel in a Samsung Note 7 TV commercial that garnered a great deal of air-time during the Rio Olympics! Eric, and his siblings Adam and Cara, are all actors at K12 International Academy. 


Having three kids with three styles of learning and a busy work schedule makes for challenges,” said Jac Beigel, the children’s mother. “Our academic advisors and teachers have been there for us to work through the challenges, find new ways to schedule school work, and provide tools to master tough subjects via Class Connect and Skype conferences. The teachers proactively reach out if we get behind or struggle with a subject to send a motivational messages and to keep the kids moving forward academically.” 


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How TXVA Keeps This Student on His Toes

Jason McClung working with Alexandre Proia at Regional Dance America in Baton Rouge, L.A. 


Written by Savannah Norton


Jason McClung travels the world to pursue his ballet dreams with the help and flexibility of virtual learning at Texas Virtual Academy (TXVA). This year, he is honored to be training at Houston Ballet Academy (HBA) in its Professional 1 Division. 




“Every year brings new challenges, but TXVA allows Jason to pursue his dream full-time and receive a quality education that fits within his hectic schedule,” said Jason's mother, Julie McClung. 


Over the past year Jason, who started dancing when he was 8 years old, has trained at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C., and attended ballet summer intensive programs in Louisiana, San Francisco and London. At London's Royal Ballet White Lodge school, Jason was the only boy from the U.S. in the senior level class out of 30 male dancers selected for the program.