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Who Won South Carolina Virtual Charter School's Mock Presidential Election? The Votes are In!


Written by Savannah Norton

Today is Election Day! The social studies department of South Carolina Virtual Charter School (SCVCS) conducted its first-ever mock election for the entire student body and the results are in!

"Mock elections give the students an opportunity to participate in the election process so they are exposed to politics before they are of age to vote," said Christy Wood, an economics and psychology teacher at SCVCS. "It instills the importance of voting at an early age so students are more likely to do so when they are old enough." 

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TXVA Drummer "Schools" Rock and Homework




Written by Savannah Norton


TJ Howard is only 12 years old, but that has not stopped him from chasing his dreams of being a rock star. He has found his groove at Texas Virtual Academy (TXVA). 


TJ performs multiple times a month near his hometown of Cypress, Texas, and other gigs around the country, including Milwaukee’s Summerfest and Chicago’s Lincoln Hall.  


This 6th grader joined TXVA in 4th grade when his drumming career first started to take off 


“I had no free time with practicing every day and doing all the homework, and I had no free time after,” TJ said.  


While looking for drum lessons, hended up joining Katy’s School of Rock “Rock 101” program.  


Within a year he moved up to its performance group, and within another six months he moved up to the most prestigious group in the School of Rock, the House Band. 


House Band is where you have to try out and they choose 10 kids to perform at special events and promote the School of Rock,” TJ said.


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Top Ten Tips for New Learning Coaches


Jennifer Richardson is a Florida FuelEd Teacher Ambassador, focusing on 6th-12th grade Social Studies and English. 

The decision to embrace virtual school is an exciting one, but it comes with a learning curve. That’s why I’ve assembled a few of my best tips for new learning coaches!  

1. Make a schedule and stick to it. I recommend creating a full schedule and strictly following it for two full weeks. You could use a paper planner or calendar, scheduling programs or apps, or whatever works for you. In fact, I’d suggest experimenting to find your best fit. Whatever you choose, stick to it for two full weeks. At the end of the two weeks, once you’ve become comfortable with the schedule and technology, begin to embrace your flexibility. You can adopt a checklist mentality, break up the school day into smaller parts, or do what fits your life best.  


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WAVA Student Enzo LaFont: In His Own Words



Enzo LaFont, an 11th grader at Washington Virtual Academy, represented the United States at the Cheongju World Martial Arts Mastership in South Korea in September. Enzo competed in hapkido, a style of martial arts once used by Korean police and military organizations as self-defense training. His team was the first from the U.S. to ever compete at the Cheongju World Martial Arts Mastership. 


My trip to South Korea was outstanding! I really don’t know how to put into words how I felt during and after the trip, but I guess I have to start somewhere.  It all started on a Thursday afternoon when my masterSung Lim, asked me if I would like to compete in a world martial arts tournament and be a part of Team USA for hapkido.  When I heard this news I was ecstatic because it is my dream to be a world-class athlete.   


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Hill House Stomps Out Bullying Through Fashion


Written by: Tatyana White-Jenkins


As National Bullying Prevention month came to a close, students at Hill House Passport Academy decided to end it in a big (and fashionable) way.  


On October 26, Hill House hosted the Stomp Out Bullying Fashion show, an annual event to raise awareness about bullying.