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Inaugural National Online Learning Day a Virtual Success

September 15, 2016, marked the inaugural National Online Learning Day, which recognized the benefits of online learning and showcased the accomplishments of virtual students and teachers.

Kathryn Berkhimer, K12’s Director of Marketing and Content Strategy, was delighted with the success of the day.

“I was very pleased with how it turned out and I’m excited about what we can build on for next year,” she said.

K12 thrived on social media during National Online Learning Day; an initial review of social participation showed a reach of over 11 million users, including many new followers.

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NAACP's resolution against charter schools contradicts its mission and name


Founded over a century ago, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was created to fight for social justice on behalf of African-Americans whose liberties and freedoms were long oppressed. Advancement of African-Americans was and is central to the organization's mission. It is embedded in its name.

The NAACP has done immeasurably good things for people of color and its legacy is widely respected. Yet the organization is now under fire after its delegates approved a resolution harshly criticizing public charter schools and calling for a national moratorium on these public schools of choice.

Blowback has been swift and strong. The resolution was condemned by numerous education organizations. Media outlets jumped in, too. The Washington Post called the NAACP's opposition to charter schools "ill-conceived." Former Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools Howard Fuller said the NAACP's undermining of charter schools that are making a difference in the lives of black children "puts the organization on the wrong side of history for our people." Several other prominent leaders in the African-American community are distancing themselves from the NAACP's action and pushing back hard.

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Happy Constitution Day!

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Written by Victoria Bannon

Happy Constitution Day! On September 17th, we celebrate the 42 Founding Fathers of the United States who gathered in Philadelphia to write and sign the Constitution over the steamy summer of 1787. Constitution Day celebrates the last day of the convention, where 39 of the delegates signed the Constitution and created the government that we have today.

The delegates traveled hundreds of miles to get to one another in May 1787, something that is unfamiliar to K12-powered virtual students, who can connect with their classmates and teachers with just a click of a button. The delegates chose to meet in Philadelphia, the largest city at the time, with just over 40,000 people.

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K12 Celebrates National Online Learning Day


Today is National Online Learning Day!

National Online Learning Day showcases how students of all ages are thriving thanks to the ability to learn online – anywhere, anytime. National Online Learning Day will cultivate awareness of and support for the ever-growing community of online learners and celebrate the future of online education in all forms – wherever technology and imagination take us!

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TNVA Students Create Solar-Powered Cars


Written by Savannah Norton

Just because Tennessee Virtual Academy (TNVA) students learn via computers doesn't mean class can't be hands-on.

Last week, Jenny Weatherford's sixth grade science class built solar cars during a lesson about energy.

“We were learning about energy and energy transformations,” said Ms. Weatherford. “I knew the students had gotten the solar car kit in their materials from K12 this year and I thought that it would be a perfect activity to go along with our lesson.”

When the students heard that they were going to be making cars, they were thrilled!

“Oh my goodness, the students absolutely loved the activity!” Ms. Weatherford said. "They are still talking about it. They were so excited all week about getting to make the solar cars in class. I typically reserve Wednesdays for 'Lab Day,' and so Monday and Tuesday in class, they were asking all kinds of questions."