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Why the Best Teachers Never Stop Learning


KS TeachersLora Johnson (left), Ashley Fryer (right)

I think I am a good teacher, but I know that there is always room for improvement no matter how much experience you have. One way that we can build our skills is by talking and networking with others in our profession. Recently, I collaborated with a teacher I really admireShe’s one of the few who has been at our school since it opened-and we are lucky to have her! Teachers know they can always go to her for honest, helpful advice. Students love her live classes and she has great attendance and participation. I have personally witnessed many high school students seek her out at face to face events.

Lora Johnson is a HS teacher and has taught 9-12 grade classes ranging from Pre-Algebra up to Calculus. This is her ninth year teaching on-line. For the 2016-2017 school year, Lora will be teaching Developmental Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus.

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An Election Year When School Choice is Ignored

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It's bad enough that during two straight weeks of Republican and Democratic conventions, we never really grasped a true sense of what newly nominated presidential contenders would do to improve the uncertain state of K-12 education in America.

Worse — especially since then — is that we have yet to see a solid reform-driven or innovation-focused commitment from candidates as the solution to our education crisis. A sorely needed exchange on parental choice and access to creative online learning platforms is, perhaps, the most significant missing policy deep-dive since the presidential cycle began in earnest over a year ago. For the most part, presidential candidates have steered clear of any focus on choice in K-12 as a main prescription to constant problems plaguing our school systems and challenging our kids.

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Personalized Learning and the Power of Partnership

This summer I was privileged to attend the Northeast Florida Educational Consortium’s Summer Leadership Conference (NEFEC). The leaders of NEFEC did an amazing job and put together an excellent conference. The conference featured keynote speakers Dr. Tim Hodges from Gallup Education and Dr. Dylan Wiliam, a world-renown education researcher and speaker. NEFEC also created several concurrent sessions that ranged from the use of social media to expand an educator’s professional learning network to the creation of a district’s Digital Classroom Plan. 

The Northeast Florida Educational Consortium is a group of Florida school districts who are working together to accomplish specific educational goals and objectives. As many of NEFEC’s districts are small and rural, the group finds power in partnership. From the buying power of their collected community to the ability to network with educators and leaders for professional development and beyond, NEFEC is doing important work in Florida. 

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How Online Schooling is Making This AZVA Fifth Grader's Dreams Come True

School can change the lives of those students who let it, which is exactly what happened for Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA) fifth grader Hannah.

Virtual schooling has helped Hannah in more ways than one - from escaping bullying at a brick and mortar school to providing the flexible schedule that she needs to do the activities she loves so much.  This is why her family chose to transfer to a K12-powered school when Hannah was in first grade. 

“Brick and mortar school just wasn’t for us," said her grandmother and learning coach.  "At AZVA, it’s a very intensive program. It’s a lot of work, but she really learns there and she actually enjoys it!”

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Why Online School Works for My Family


The Mercer Family enjoys a day at a national park.


Rachael Mercer is the mother and learning coach of four children at Georgia Cyber AcademyHere she talks about her family's experience at GCA: 


As the learning coach for four children, my days can be exhausting. However, Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) has given each child in my family the opportunity to specifically explore their own interests while still meeting the requirements set by the State of Georgia.  


I chose Georgia Cyber Academy for my children because I knew that public schooling in the brick and mortar classroom - a one-size-fits-all model - wasn't working for our family. With four children, we knew that traditional homeschooling would be too expensive. Instead, we happily use this charter school model, which provides all the traditional learning tools for my four children.