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5 ways to Celebrate Veterans Day with your Student

Jo Marie Bolick is a middle school math teacher at Insight School of Kansas and Kansas Virtual Academy.

Holidays are the ultimate time to embrace traditions and celebrate with family. For our family, Veterans Day is no different. Here are some great ideas to prepare for and celebrate this holiday.

1. Visit your local library. Ask your librarian for age appropriate books on military service and historical events involving service members. The early bird gets the worm on this one! I try to grab some books 3 weeks before the holiday, to get the best selection

2. Enjoy a poem or reading about the holiday.  To you on Veterans Day is a great poem, and this website has several poems to choose from! Incorporating a poem a day for the week prior to the holiday really gets kids in the spirit!

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Georgia Superintendent of Schools Visits GCA

Georgia State Superintendent of Schools Richard Woods presents GCA Head of School Matt Arkin with the Parent Engagement Award.

Written by Jenna Needham

Election day was historic in more ways than one. The U.S. has a new President and it was the first time the state superintendent of schools has visited Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA)!

Helping to debunk a longstanding myth that families of virtual students are not sufficiently engaged in their child's learning, GCA was recognized by Superintendent Richard Woods for parental engagement as a winner of the Georgia Department of Education's video contest winner.

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AZVA’s Campbell Faulkner Attends Opening of Queen Creek Blended Learning Center

Written by Savannah Norton

Queen Creek fifth grader Campbell Faulkner was the guest of honor at a ribbon-cutting to celebrate the grand opening of Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA) and Insight Academy of Arizona’s (ISAZ) Queen Creek Blended Learning Center (QCBLC) on Thursday, Nov. 3.

The whole nation is now familiar with the 10-year-old as the inspiration behind Chicago Cubs' slugger Kyle Schwarber’s green wristband. Campbell suffers from a rare mitochondrial disease that makes it difficult for him to walk or stand for extended periods of time. The green wristband – which signifies that Schwarber is a member of "Campbell's Crew" – came into the national spotlight during a press conference following Game 2 of the World Series last Wednesday night.

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Three Tips for Teaching Hot Topics in an Online Setting

Jennifer Richardson is a Florida FuelEd Teacher Ambassador, focusing on 6th-12th grade Social Studies and English. 


As a Civics educator in an online setting, I often have to navigate tricky waters. In my case, I am a Civics teacher in the state of Florida. Florida is a swing state, and we’ve got a hotly divided population. We just concluded one of the most contentious election cycles of all time. As much as I’d love to bury my head in the sand and avoid all of these discussions, it’s my responsibility as a Civics educator to discuss the issues that help individuals form and shape their political ideologies and affiliations. Students have to know party platforms and the types of issues that may lead a person to identify with one party over the other.  


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GCA’s Miss Georgia Pre-Teen to Donate 3,000 More Books to Africa


Damácia with Jen Hale, Atlanta Community Liaison for Books for Africa.

Written by Savannah Norton

Georgia Cyber Academy 8th grader Damácia Howard was crowned 2016 Miss Georgia Pre-Teen Queen in July.

Damácia has been putting her title to great use in her community, including collecting close to 3,000 more books for Books for Africa on the heels of collecting 5,000 books for the organization last year.

This Friday, Damácia and other volunteers will deliver the books to the Books for Africa warehouse in Atlanta. Books for Africa is the largest shipper of donated text and library books to Africa.