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K12 Celebrates National Online Learning Day


Today is National Online Learning Day!

National Online Learning Day showcases how students of all ages are thriving thanks to the ability to learn online – anywhere, anytime. National Online Learning Day will cultivate awareness of and support for the ever-growing community of online learners and celebrate the future of online education in all forms – wherever technology and imagination take us!

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TNVA Students Create Solar-Powered Cars


Written by Savannah Norton

Just because Tennessee Virtual Academy (TNVA) students learn via computers doesn't mean class can't be hands-on.

Last week, Jenny Weatherford's sixth grade science class built solar cars during a lesson about energy.

“We were learning about energy and energy transformations,” said Ms. Weatherford. “I knew the students had gotten the solar car kit in their materials from K12 this year and I thought that it would be a perfect activity to go along with our lesson.”

When the students heard that they were going to be making cars, they were thrilled!

“Oh my goodness, the students absolutely loved the activity!” Ms. Weatherford said. "They are still talking about it. They were so excited all week about getting to make the solar cars in class. I typically reserve Wednesdays for 'Lab Day,' and so Monday and Tuesday in class, they were asking all kinds of questions."

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Seven K12-Powered Students Honored With Awards From Evert Tennis Academy

Head Of School Miriam Rube with iCademy Student Caroline Morton and Chris Evert.

Written by Victoria Bannon

Seven students from K12-powered schools were recently honored with “Chrissie Awards” from the Evert Tennis Academy, with one student winning “Evert Scholar-Athlete of the Year”. The students were selected from among 80 students for their dedication to academics and athletics. Twenty K12-powered students attend the Academy, a fully- accredited, NCAA-approved college preparatory high school that partners with K12 in meeting the unique challenges student-athletes face.

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How iCademy Supports Buggle Family's Dreams

Ryan (left) and Sammy (right) pose for a picture

Written by Savannah Norton

First-year K12 International Academy (iCademy) students Sammy and Ryan Buggle never stop chasing their dreams, no matter what life throws at them.  While 6-year-old Ryan is building his acting resume, his 12-year-old sister, Sammy, is making vlogs for her YouTube channel.

Janine Buggle, the children’s mother, decided to enroll Sammy and Ryan in iCademy after Ryan’s acting career took off. “The online school provides us with the flexibility we need as a family to travel to both coasts for him to work as an actor without missing school days,” she said.

Sammy is just like other seventh grader, although at just three years old, she was diagnosed with generalized absence epilepsy.  As she has gotten older, her seizures have increased to over 100 a day, and her family is still trying to find the right medication to control them.

Janine explains that iCademy has been amazing for Sammy.  “In brick and mortar schools she couldn’t keep up because of her seizures,” she said. “The school put her in pull-out classes and she encountered tons of bullying. We love that she can work at her own pace, and if she is ever having a day that she isn’t feeling well, she can communicate with her teachers and adjust her lessons.”

Sammy was also diagnosed with Sunflower Syndrome, which means she has extreme sensitivity to the light and sun. “It is very rare and has little research - we are hoping to change that,” Janine said. “She has been on over 10 different medications and still we haven’t found the answer.”

This began the “Overcoming Epilepsy with Sammy” campaign, and since then, Sammy has been on TV and featured in articles, and she is an activist on the Epilepsy Foundation of America website. 

Sammy turned to making videos as a way to share her story with others. “Sammy decided herself at

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New WAVA Mom Marvels at Easy Enrollment Process

 Dylan and Shepard Smith pose with their little sister for a Back To School photo. 

Written by Savannah Norton

Military families often are relocated around the globeforced to adapt to new places and people.  This K12-powered family made their transition experience easier by joining the virtual school community this summer 

Brothers Dylan and Shepard Smith started school this week at Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA). Dylan, who is 12 years old, entered sixth grade, and 7-year-old Shepard started second grade. 


Christina applied to WAVA, and within the same day, her children were accepted and enrolled.  


“Anytime I hear the words ‘enrollment process,’ I cringe,” Christina said. “However, with K12 the whole process was so user-friendly that I couldn’t believe how quickly I had everything done.” 


After submitting the online application, she read that an enrollment coordinator would try to get back to her within 48 hours.  To her surprise, the coordinator contacted her within an hour of submitting the form and answered all of her remaining questions.