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Georgia Cyber Academy Student Damácia Howard Crowned Miss Georgia Pre-Teen Queen

GCA student and newly-crowned Miss Georgia Pre-Teen Queen Damácia Howard shows off her 1st place trophy.

Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) rising 8th grader Damácia Howard dazzled the judges this weekend and was crowned 2016 Miss Georgia Pre-Teen Queen. Damácia showed off her natural beauty and grace June 30th- July 2nd in this National American Miss competition. She will head to Anaheim, California this Thanksgiving to compete for the national pre-teen title. National American Miss awarded her the Volunteer Service Award for the pre-teen division, as well.

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1. Head to your local library.

Many libraries have summer reading programs available for kids (and even adults). Find out if your library has this opportunity. Whether there is an official program or not, make visiting the library this summer a weekly activity.

2. Grab a couple student workbooks.

Make learning (with pencil and paper) a priority this summer. Search online for age appropriate workbooks. Make a commitment to complete 1-2 pages, 5 days a week. Kudos if you do more, but setting and achieving a small goal will provide a sense of accomplishment for all. Having students help choose the workbooks gives them ownership and make those pages more enjoyable for all!

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GCA Robotics Whiz to Get Hands-On Training at College

GCA student Mathew Spellman shows off his robotics collection

While some kids want nothing to do with intellectual pursuits during the summer months, Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) 9th grader Mathew Spellman will head to robotics camp for a week at Lake Superior State University.

“Mathew is very excited to get hands-on experience with real-life robotics in research and development,” Rose Mary Spellman, Mathew’s mother, said. He will work on small group projects in the robotics lab at Lake Superior State University with professors and graduate students there.

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Standardized Testing for Virtual Students

Standardized testing is simply a part of educating students in the world of data-driven instruction.  For a student that typically schools from the comfort and security of their own home, as the majority of our students do, that task can be a bit overwhelming.  Having been a test site coordinator at LAVCA, I have seen this on our students’ faces often as they entered our testing sites.   While we have always strived to make our students feel safe and secure, this year our team truly refined our strategies. 

Our children come to us for so many reasons.  Traditional school settings have not worked for them and often the reasons relate closely to the testing environment that we have to create during state testing.  Students are required to arrive on a schedule, work in large groups and complete tasks with, in some cases, strict time limits.   Additionally, our children sometimes face challenges that include not knowing the person that is administering the assessment for their group, not knowing any of the other students in their respective groups and they may have previous experiences that cause additional fear or anxiety that brought them to us initially. 

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Newark Prep Charter School Celebrates First Graduating Class

K12 Executive Chairman Nate Davis shares commencement remarks to the excited graduates. Photo courtesy of Chris Alvarez

Donned in red and white, graduates turned their tassels at Newark Prep Charter School’s first-ever graduation ceremony on Wednesday, June 22nd. Of the 103 graduates, 96 completed their entire high school journey at Newark Prep, which opened four years ago.

K12 Executive Chairman Nate Davis shared commencement remarks, leveraging inspiring personal anecdotes to remind the Class of 2016 about the advantage they have being educating within a blended learning environment.

“You have skills many others don’t have – using technology to help you learn. You know how to do independent study. You are well-prepared for what employers and colleges look for.”