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Watch the Olympics? You Probably Noticed this iCAD Student



iCademy student Eric Beigel.


Does this boy’s face seem familiar? If so, it’s probably because you noticed Eric Beigel in a Samsung Note 7 TV commercial that garnered a great deal of air-time during the Rio Olympics! Eric, and his siblings Adam and Cara, are all actors at K12 International Academy. 


Having three kids with three styles of learning and a busy work schedule makes for challenges,” said Jac Beigel, the children’s mother. “Our academic advisors and teachers have been there for us to work through the challenges, find new ways to schedule school work, and provide tools to master tough subjects via Class Connect and Skype conferences. The teachers proactively reach out if we get behind or struggle with a subject to send a motivational messages and to keep the kids moving forward academically.” 


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How TXVA Keeps This Student on His Toes

Jason McClung working with Alexandre Proia at Regional Dance America in Baton Rouge, L.A. 


Jason McClung travels the world to pursue his ballet dreams with the help and flexibility of virtual learning at Texas Virtual Academy (TXVA). This year, he is honored to be training at Houston Ballet Academy (HBA) in its Professional 1 Division. 


“Every year brings new challenges, but TXVA allows Jason to pursue his dream full-time and receive a quality education that fits within his hectic schedule,” said Jason's mother, Julie McClung. 


Over the past year Jason, who started dancing when he was 8 years old, has trained at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C., and attended ballet summer intensive programs in Louisiana, San Francisco and London. At London's Royal Ballet White Lodge school, Jason was the only boy from the U.S. in the senior level class out of 30 male dancers selected for the program. 


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How Online School Inspired My Passion for Politics: MGLVA's Avalon McKinney "In Her Own Words"


Avalon McKinney is interviewed before a political rally


Avalon McKinney was the salutatorian of the Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy (MGLVA) Class of 2016. She credits MGLVA for nurturing her passion for politics, which led to her running for precinct delegate for the Wayne County Republican Party in Livonia, Michigan. While she didn't win, she plans to remain involved in politics and will attend the Michigan Republican Party Fall Convention this weekend. With election season in full swing, Avalon checks in with us about the importance of being involved, no matter what your age: 


On April 13, 1743, one of the most influential men in American history was born in the colony of Virginia. By the age of 19 he began studying law, and at 26 he joined the Virginia House of Burgesses. During pre-Revolution times he gained credit for his eloquent writing style by writing “Summary View of the Rights of British America. This was the gateway to his career, and in 1775 he was elected to the Continental Congress. At the age of 33 he changed the course of history by writing one of the most historic pieces of all time, calling it, “The Declaration of Independence. By 47 he had had his fill of politics, but he humbly accepted the post of Secretary of State under President George Washington. In 1801, he succeeded John Adams as the third President of the United States. This man has marked the pages of our history books and symbolized our patriotism and love for self-government. Thomas Jefferson is one of many examples of people getting politically involved and fighting for their future at a young age. 

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LAVCA-A Lifeline for some Flood Victims

August 2016 has been a difficult month for the folks in the state I have called home for 31 years, Louisiana. As many as 40,000 homes and businesses have flooded and thousands of residents have been displaced. The unfortunate irony of the timing is not lost on many as eleven years ago this month New Orleanians, like myself, had to flee our homes as Hurricane Katrina made a beeline for our town. Once again, residents are being forced to evacuate as areas of the state experience historic flooding. Some of my family and friends who moved from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina have, for a second time, suffered through a “once in a lifetime” flooding event.

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GWUOHS Student of the World Continues to Make an Impact

Sarah Hesterman inside the United Nations General Assembly Hall

Sarah Hesterman, a 2016 graduate of George Washington University Online High School (GWUOHS), is a “student of the world who is eager to make an impact. While living in Qatar for two years, she started the first-ever Girl Up program in the country, and she has served as a teen advisor with the organization. 

“I believe that attending GWUOHS really allowed me to grow as a person and allowed me to take on these large leadership roles that I wouldn’t have been able to if I was in a traditional school,” she said during her  speech at the GWUOHS graduation this spring.

Sarah, who will attend Long Island University’s Global College this fall, was inspired to attend last week’s United Nations Youth Assembly because of her capstone project at GWUOHS, and she wrote about her experience:  

 As someone extremely interested in human rights and gender equality, I've always hoped to attend the Youth Assembly at the United Nations. The event is meant to empower young trailblazers from around the world to achieve sustainable development at both a local and global level. Youth Assembly speakers are powerful leaders from the education, health care, economic and environmental sectors , and there are different break out workshops in between plenary sessions that facilitate discussion focused on tackling the world's greatest issues. It truly is a dream come true for someone who has always aspired to work at the United Nations one day.