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Weekly Roundup - 3.30.15

Weekly Roundup showcases stories and information about the students and schools we serve, K12 educators, and important education issues. 

Former Tech students shepherd video game app to market

Matt Boudah, 19, Avery Rovatti, 18, both of South Deerfield and Aaron Milewski 19, of Gill, show code and their finished product in The Recorder office. The trio, as Temple Studios,  have developed a video game app for iOS devices called Shear Resistance. The three know each other from the Franklin County Technical School’s programming and web development program, from which Boudah and Milewski graduated in 2013. Rovatti is finishing high school online with the Massachusetts Virtual Academy.

Letter: TN Virtual Academy should stay open
(Knoxville News Sentinel)

In a recent article about my school ("Though future in doubt, TN Virtual Academy fights on"), Union County's director of schools said that the staff, students and families of TNVA will continue to fight to remain open. I am one of those fighting.

Prodigies amaze, delight in Springtime Concert
(The Spectrum)

Guest conductor William Rhoden leads the Southwest Symphony Orchestra in a stunning event to showcase some of southern Utah's best and brightest young music artists April 3, at the Cox Performing Arts Center.

Rylee Dalton has been playing the violin since age six. In addition to the violin, Rylee loves to sing and act. She especially enjoys performing with her family at multiple venues and is a 10th grader at Utah Virtual Academy. Rylee performs the "Presto," also from Barber's "Concerto for Violin and Orchestra."

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Weekly Roundup - 3.20.15

Weekly Roundup showcases stories and information about the students and schools we serve, K12 educators, and important education issues. 

UA Student Headed for Career in Special Education
(Inside Tucson Business)

University of Arizona student Kateri Hitchcock will be the one in cap and gown this May, but it’s others who will benefit most from her degree. Hitchcock, a 21-year-old Tucson native, was inspired to study special education because of her brother, Maximilian, 6, who was born with Down syndrome. Kateri, one of seven children, was homeschooled via the Arizona Virtual Academy, a state-certified online public schooling system. Being at home allowed her to help out with her brother, which while challenging at times, has been every bit as rewarding. 

POLL: Tennessee Voters Overwhelmingly Agree Public Schools Should Not Be Closed Based Solely on State Tests
(Press Release)

A recent poll by the Tarrance Group found an overwhelming majority of Tennessee registered voters oppose the closing of a public school based solely on results from the state's standardized test. The same poll found voters were even more strongly against state legislators who supported such closings. 

Though future in doubt, TN Virtual Academy fights on

While Tennessee’s Education Commissioner Candice McQueen has upheld a decision to close the Tennessee Virtual Academy at the end of the year unless its scores continue to improve, school officials are still fighting for it.

Announcing Open Enrollment

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Weekly Roundup - 3.16.15

Weekly Roundup showcases stories and information about the students and schools we serve, K12 educators, and important education issues. 

School Choice Parents Sue Tennessee Education Commissioner
(TN Watchdog)

Two sets of parents of children attending a Tennessee virtual charter school have filed a lawsuit to keep the school open. State officials want to shut it down after the school year. As reported, parents at Tennessee’s Virtual Academy said test scores are gradually improving, and closing the school now is premature.

11-year old just wants to skate
(Bluff Country News)

Laci Skifter, an 11-year-old, is always in motion…twirling, jumping, running, sliding into a room like she’s meant to arrive that way with an audience awaiting her.  But at the same time, she could care less if an audience was there – the Minnesota Virtual Academy student’s got her confidence spinning and ready for her next figure skating competition on Sunday, March 15, in Wisconsin.

Fuel Education Introduces 70 New High School Courses in its Expanded 2015-2016 Catalog
(Press Release)

As school districts across the country seek to expand high school course options, improve academic outcomes, and help students prepare for state exams and high stakes tests—personalized learning solutions provider Fuel Education (FuelEd™) has added 70 new high school courses to its online catalog for the 2015-2016 school year. These new courses—many available in multiple versions suitable for students working at a wide variety of levels—give FuelEd customers the offering they need to satisfy the needs of specific student segments.

Young authors and young fans and Festival of Books
(KGUN 9)

The University of Arizona mall and surrounding area was filled with thousands today for the first day of the Tucson Festival of Books. The event draws authors from all over for book signings like Amy Tan, Valerie Plame, Dave Barry and more. Among the list of renowned authors is a newcomer of sorts, 14-year-old China Dennington. Dennington says writing takes a long time, so she goes to Arizona Virtual Academy. It is an online public school.

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K12’s Noodleverse Wins 2015 NAPPA Bronze Award

The National Parenting Publication Awards (NAPPA) has named K12’s Noodleverse a 2015 Bronze Winner.

Noodleverse TM Language Arts is an engaging online reading and writing skills practice and enrichment program that allows young learners to work independently to become more confident, competent readers and writers.  

NAPPA is one of the longest running and most respected awards programs in the country, and has been hailed the “go-to” source for parents and professionals seeking the best products for children and families.

“We are proud that Noodleverse continues to be recognized as a high-quality educational product for young learners,” said Dr. Melissa King, Director of Early Learning and Product Advancement. “The award is a testament to the expertise of our dedicated curriculum team. This recognition also verifies our successful commitment to providing effective and innovative education solutions for families with children of all ages.”  

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Removing Barriers: How Online Education Provides Families Options and Students a Unique Experience

As unique and different as online public schools may seem, the only true differences lie in the logistical execution of the school programs. The heart and success of online schools depend upon the engagement level of students, parents, teachers and school leaders. And this, of course, is no different than what drives student success in brick and mortar schools.

Although we may not see each other at local football games, our online schools do create and nurture a virtual community where we are all working toward the shared goal of helping provide choices for our students for their futures. The ultimate goal of education, irrespective of the mode of delivery, is to provide students with a quality education that enables them to choose to pursue any future they would like. We know that reaching this goal requires more than just teachers assigning homework, more than students doing the homework, and more than parents making sure their students “attend” school. It requires that the school experience transcend the textbook and curriculum to engage teachers, students, families and leaders in a vivid learning community where students feel safe to be themselves and motivated to achieve even more than they had thought possible.

The foundational aspects of a school are a quality curriculum, a logical sequence of courses with an achievable scope of content, solid delivery mechanisms for curriculum content and consistent communication avenues for creating and maintaining the partnership that must exist between home and school.

But these are only the beginning of creating an exceptional school experience.