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WIVA Teacher Wins Educator of Distinction, Inspires Recent Grad to Teach

Written by Savannah Norton

Through teaching, an educator can completely change a student’s life. Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA) teacher Pamela Fierst won the Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction award in July. She was nominated by former WIVA student Braini McKenzie.

“Mrs. Fierst showed me how important a teacher-student relationship can be,” Braini said.

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Three Tips for Teaching Hot Topics in an Online Setting

Jennifer Richardson is a Florida FuelEd Teacher Ambassador, focusing on 6th-12th grade Social Studies and English. 


As a Civics educator in an online setting, I often have to navigate tricky waters. In my case, I am a Civics teacher in the state of Florida. Florida is a swing state, and we’ve got a hotly divided population. We just concluded one of the most contentious election cycles of all time. As much as I’d love to bury my head in the sand and avoid all of these discussions, it’s my responsibility as a Civics educator to discuss the issues that help individuals form and shape their political ideologies and affiliations. Students have to know party platforms and the types of issues that may lead a person to identify with one party over the other.  


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Happy Constitution Day!

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Written by Victoria Bannon

Happy Constitution Day! On September 17th, we celebrate the 42 Founding Fathers of the United States who gathered in Philadelphia to write and sign the Constitution over the steamy summer of 1787. Constitution Day celebrates the last day of the convention, where 39 of the delegates signed the Constitution and created the government that we have today.

The delegates traveled hundreds of miles to get to one another in May 1787, something that is unfamiliar to K12-powered virtual students, who can connect with their classmates and teachers with just a click of a button. The delegates chose to meet in Philadelphia, the largest city at the time, with just over 40,000 people.