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Back-to-School Season Hailed a Success at Friendship Public Charter School Online (FPCSO)


Suzanne Conway is an elementary and middle school English teacher at FCSO and a teacher ambassador.  

Friendship Public Charter School Online (FPCSO) is celebrating another great school year and welcomes all new families! Washington D.C. boasts a whopping 118 public charter schools and 111 public schools serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade. One of D.C.'s smallest schools, FPCSO is the only online public charter school in the District that enrolls students in kindergarten through eighth grade.   

Students enrolled in FPCSO are schooled at home and receive all course materials and needed equipment. This allows them to access their student plan, which is delivered digitally through the online platform.  

All students have an engaged learning coach (LC), which is usually the parent at home with the student.  LCs are trained on the student's plan, how to navigate the online school and find online books and tutorials, and they meet regularly with the homeroom teacher to keep the student making forward progress throughout the year.Unknown Object