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ORVA and ISOR Prom: A Night of Enchantment

FAST Administrator Amanda Sinnott, peer mentor Elizabeth Ives, and DJ Lyons

What happens when an online students attend a prom? A night of enchantment, of course! The Insight School of Oregon (ISOR) and Oregon Virtual Academy (ORVA) partnered up to create a night to remember for their students which involved a free “Enchanted Forest Masquerade” themed prom.

Debunking the myth that virtual students miss out on socialization, Amanda Sinnott, who is part of ISOR’s Family Academic Support Team said, “This seemed different from a regular prom because there were no kids sitting on the sidelines. Students made sure everyone was dancing and having a good time.  It was a very inclusive event. It made me cry happy tears when I got home!”

The prom featured a DJ, pictures, beautiful clothes, and of course, dancing. Over 80 students showed up to this- the first prom they were able to attend for ISOR and ORVA. A peer mentor from one of the schools had “ice-breaker’ events planned in case students were shy, but they ended up not having to do any because everyone was dancing together and talking to each other all night!

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OHVA Olympic Hopeful Prepares for a Busy Summer


The time commitment and drive it takes to train with former Olympic figure skaters would intimidate most people, but Cienna Baka takes on the challenge with ease.  She is able to do this because of the flexible schedule that online education provides.  Cienna is a 10th grade student at Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA) who has dedicated her life to ice skating competitively. 

Since she was six years old, Cienna has always been training on the ice or traveling constantly for competitions. Her schedule is so busy that her entire family operates around it. With such a huge time commitment to her ice skating, this would prove to make going to a brick-and-mortar school a difficult task. This is what led her family to distance education.

Ohio Virtual Academy provided such an accommodating schedule for Cienna that she can do her work or communicate with her teachers easily at the ice skating rink or even on the road. Cienna now balances her year-round ice skating, traveling, and school work effortlessly since she enrolled in the virtual school.