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Pay It Forward: TXVA Student Aspires to Become Virtual Teacher


Written by Victoria Bannon

In fifth grade, Kaitlyn Stegner was fed up. Her traditional school was failing her. While successful academically, she grew tired of the ‘collective classroom punishment’ that was being forced on her – a mode of discipline where entire classrooms of students are punished rather than just the culprit.

“I just got really tired of being punished for things that I wasn’t doing,” sait Kaitlyn, now 17.

Besides this unnecessary discipline, Kaitlyn’s needs were not being addressed by the curriculum. She was often so far advanced that she would finish far ahead of the other students, and would spend her time tutoring them. “My sister was in kindergarten at the time, and when my mom would pick her up at noon, all I would want to do is to go with her. “