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iCademy Student Top-30 Finalist in National Science Fair



Written by: Tatyana White-Jenkins


Daven Yadav, an 8th grader at K12 International Academy (iCademy)was one of 30 finalists from across the nation in the Broadcom MASTERS Science FairAffiliated science fairs around the country nominate the top 10% of 6th7th and 8th grade participants to enter the prestigious competition. Daven’s project, Bruxism: Using Myoelectric Signals to Treat a Health Problemwas chosen out of 80,000 projects around the nation to compete in last weekend's fair in Washington, DC. 


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TNVA Students Create Solar-Powered Cars


Written by Savannah Norton

Just because Tennessee Virtual Academy (TNVA) students learn via computers doesn't mean class can't be hands-on.

Last week, Jenny Weatherford's sixth grade science class built solar cars during a lesson about energy.

“We were learning about energy and energy transformations,” said Ms. Weatherford. “I knew the students had gotten the solar car kit in their materials from K12 this year and I thought that it would be a perfect activity to go along with our lesson.”

When the students heard that they were going to be making cars, they were thrilled!

“Oh my goodness, the students absolutely loved the activity!” Ms. Weatherford said. "They are still talking about it. They were so excited all week about getting to make the solar cars in class. I typically reserve Wednesdays for 'Lab Day,' and so Monday and Tuesday in class, they were asking all kinds of questions."